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My feedback on the program called “From Your Heart To Your Soul Moment” offered by the firm Willema Girard – Harper @Global Action from November 1-December 1, 2023 to a panel of people around the world

By Marina Kouakou

October 2023, in the middle of a digital stroll, I received an invitation from “Willema Girard – Harper@Global Action” company to take part on the pro-bono program called “From Your Heart To Your Soul Moment”.

The objective of the program offered to selected participants was to introduce us to the different services and approaches provided by Madame Willema Girard – Neuro-Psycho Practitioner, Professional Medical Coach and Accredited Mental Health Trainer.

Among the services offered, one of them consisted of working on our traumas to heal our wounds (mental and/or physical) and to lift the veils on unconscious messages and internal scars through the practice of EFT – “Emotional Freedom Techniques”.
An energy therapy in response to disturbances in the energy circulating in and around the body.
I did not yet know about this practice but I saw it as a godsend for me who took a step back in my life over the last two years trying to improve some aspects on my own without real success in terms of confidence, d self-esteem and/or healing from certain injuries/traumas that have lasted for ages.

I quickly applied and booked my 3 online sessions with Mrs. Willema Girard for November 5, 12 and 21, 2023.

During the first session which took place on Sunday November 5, 2023, I recognized there was a lot of crying, intense emotions and body pain.
It was about identifying significant events from the past, then to choose one event on which I wanted to work by identifying the emotions, the physical sensations, the symbolism and the degree of intensity (from 0 to 10) at the present moment.
The idea of ​​talking about this event was difficult for me and I wasn’t able to talk about it without crying.
Willema explained to me that we were not going to immerse ourselves in the event itself but work to reduce the emotional intensities overall.
I accepted and engaged myself in the exercise which lasted 1 hour.
We practiced the “Tapping” method used in EFT.
As the rounds progressed, waves of hatred and anger took hold of me, physical pain moved through my body, new emotions emerged, images arrived, memories emerged.
At the end of the session the intensities had returned to a bearable level – or almost zero. I was exhausted, like groggy…but happy.
Willema explained to me the effects I was feeling and what might result in the following days – for example: “immense fatigue, the feeling of being high and perhaps crying or on the contrary even more joy ,…”
The emotional liberation process was underway!
I now had the basics to release minor emotions (with moderate intensity) by myself to continue work on my Personal Peace Procedure (PPP), and I got the resources to cope and regain my serenity.
For all intense emotions and traumas support with a practitioner is necessary!

The following week, while I was in front of people I was very angry with, I realized that my body as well as my mind were freeing themselves. I noticed that the energy, the emotions that I could feel in the past towards them were less heavy, less intense.
The anger had almost disappeared, the stress (angst, anxiety) that I could feel in their presence was no longer present.

We are now on Sunday November 12, 2023: The 2nd session of the “From Your Heart To Your Soul Moment” program.
Willema Girard asks me what I want to work on.
I answer self-confidence, because I care about it.
She started asking me a series of questions.
As we move forward, light shed on my reason for being, my purpose in life.

Below I’m sharing with you some photos took during this session to show you the change that took place in me:

⦁ In deep reflection… I think, I note what comes….

⦁ I’m starting to realize…

⦁ My life purpose, my reason for being are revealed to me.
⦁ I come into possession of my true self, I realize who I am, what I contribute to in this world, my potential and my deep motivation…
What Joy, I’m so proud of me!
I feel strong, filled with an energy unknown to this day!!!

This session was twice as beautiful as the previous one.
There was a lot of joy, laughter and peace.
I was also able to feel its benefits immediately.
At the end of the session, I immediately felt that I was more and more aligned.
The fear of tomorrow that I felt all the time was gone, the weight of daily pressures, the knots in my stomach were no longer present.
I now know who I am, I know and understand my reason for being, the driving force which now inspires me and gives me all the motivation I need.
A feeling of pride, joy and newfound serenity took hold of me.
No more reason to doubt myself.

Now we are on Tuesday November 21, 2023, it’s my last session!
Willema Girard and I spoke at length.
During this last session, which lasted two hours, we took stock of the previous sessions, before identifying my aspirations and establishing a healthy and sustainable action plan.
This was about carrying out a mental transformation which would allow me to modify my vision of my life and to make a change in my mental and physical positioning and to open myself to the fields of possibility.
That day, we projected ourselves into my future (at 1-3-5 years) and we came back to the present moment with the answers to the key and decisive moments. We then identified the elements that could slow me down, my resources and the tools that will allow me to achieve my goals.

The program is now over for all the lucky participants.
For my part, I have very good memories of the pro-bono program “From Your Heart To Your Soul Moment” which was offered to us by the firm Willema Girard Harper@Global Action.
As I told to Mrs. Willema Girard, these were 3 discovery sessions of course, but today unlike previous years, I am serene, aligned, inspired and motivated.
I regained confidence and my self-esteem has been boosted!
The practice of emotional liberation, the support in mental transformation that I was able to benefit from and much more are and will be useful to me for a lifetime.
This is what I really needed to find inner peace and move forward effectively in my private and professional life.
I reiterate my thanks to Mrs. Willema Girard who took her time to share with me her skills, her know-how, her energy and her interpersonal skills to allow me benefit from the benefits of her support.

I highly recommend that you all make an appointment with Mrs. Willema Girard so that you too can benefit from her services which are worth gold.

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